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pathways of yoga part II

Pathways of Yoga, Part II
Further reflections 

Having written “Pathways of Yoga, a personal exploration of three approaches to Yoga, a few questions arose.

Principally, why? Why take up yoga practice in the first place. Why take up posture practice and why meditate?
I wish to explore three more themes,  drawing on the richness, breadth and depth of understanding evolving around these ancient spiritual practices, particularly focussing in the more existential aspect of hathayoga (psycho-physical disciplines) as well as mindfulness and meditation.

  1. Yoga as a response to the existential situation in which we find ourselves 
  2. “Sense-making” and the Transformation of consciousness. 
  3. Further reflections on the altruistic dimension of our practice.

I write this as a continuing student of yoga having now been practicing for 30 years, especially over the last decade, as a teacher of teachers of yoga in the context of Bodhiyoga International. This as a sequel or Part II to “Pathways of Yoga, a personal exploration of three approaches.