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Bodhisattva of Compassion

Pathways of Yoga - a personal exploration of three approaches to yoga - 
Dharmachari Sudaka

Co-Founder of Bodhiyoga International
13 November 2019
Yoga. mindfulness and meditation are enjoying more and more popularity these days. There is a richness, breadth and depth of understanding evolving around these ancient spiritual practices of hathayoga (psycho-physical disciplines) as well as mindfulness and meditation. I want to draw out a few threads that are current in my own practice and teaching. This has especially come to light since establishing and running a yoga teacher training based on Buddhist Mindfulness teachings called Bodhiyoga International.
I want to explore three aspects of Yoga in particular. 
1. Yoga as therapy, in terms of the health giving properties of yoga asana (postures) kriyas (cleansing techniques) and pranayamas (breath work). 
2. Yoga as a support to transformation of our consciousness emphasising the more internal meditative and reflective aspect of yoga practice.
3. Teaching yoga to others, the altruistic dimension of yoga teaching work. yoga as service to others. 
I write this as a continuing student of yoga having now been practicing for 30 years since my teen age and over the last decade, as a teacher of teachers of yoga. I want to appeal to wider audience in order to explain what yoga is (from my experience of course). Yoga is becoming ubiquitous, appearing far and wide and taken up by many. There is an explosion of interest in the modern world as much as in its cultural home of India as both East and West, from Latin America to Japan. I want to draw out what are my three primary interests in yoga and also explain what we do in our Bodhiyoga teacher training.

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