Shabda report, 28 February 2023

Enviado por Sudaka el Martes, 28/02/2023 - 22:24

Last day of what has been a tough month by all accounts. It has been cold here; the sun, wind, rain and cold felt as though you were camping out in the elements. Stimulating and inspiring and also grueling and nerve wracking at times. The burner has been on full-blast and I have been running up and down the terraces, chainsaw in hand chopping up logs and branches left from the pruning of the almonds and olives. We are in the middle of an arctic blast originating from Central Europe. Beautiful full sun blue skies, ice-laden winds and the promise of Spring is in the air.

A Christmas Special

Enviado por Sudaka el Jueves, 22/12/2022 - 22:47


Hi all. A Christmas Special!!!!

I want to wish you seasonal greetings. May the end of year go well and 2023 be prosperous. Next week is the last class of 2022. Number 43!